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just live.

i met this mathematician recently and he asked me if there is ever a present moment.
I said, “How about…now?”
He responded, “Well, ‘now’ just past”
Then he went on to explain how there is no specific measurement of the present moment, its just an infinite duration where we are constantly at. The division between the past, present and future is so thin that you just encountered all three moments just now. 
I’m not really sure why I’m writing this but I thought about how in the Bible, we refer to Jesus as the one “who was, and is, and is to come”. He was in the past, He is here in the present, and He will be here again in the future.” This is so comforting to know that though our lives all change day by day little by little, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. No matter what is to come, no matter what is happening right now, no matter what happened, He is with you. Always. Then I think about Revelation and John describing Jesus as the “one who was and is”. Then, He is the present moment. He is that infinite moment. 

I realized so much about myself these days and just how tight fisted I am with the direction of my life. I always insist on my own ways instead of submitting to the Father’s direction. To forget about the future and to live in the moment. isn’t that what life is all about?

Jesus Saves

Fathers Day

it’s that simple.

Where are the people who pray?

The men, the women, the brothers, the sisters, the fathers, the mothers, the soldiers, the Christians?

Where are these people who pray?

Our planet, our continents, our countries, our cities, our societies, our neighborhoods, our campuses they all have problems.

We Christians are one third of the worlds population. We Christians are the Body who admitted before God and to this world that we are sinners, that we cannot sustain on our own and through God’s one and only son, Jesus Christ, we are able to have not only a relationship with God but also, we are able to be guided, blessed, and healed by the Spirit. Simply put it, because the wages of sin is death, and by Christ’s blood we have been redeemed, we no longer enslaved by this world, but we walk with Christ day by day.

What is necessary in a relationship between man, is the basic outline in what is necessary in a relationship with God except God is perfect! You see, in a relationship, there needs to be a mutual surrender, a “dying to yourself” attitude that you must commit to to sustain a relationship. God surrendered his most precious son Jesus Christ, who was blameless and flawless to die for us liars, cheaters, stealers, murderers, adulterers, and haters. The list goes on. But with this sinful nature, in order to truly seek God is to let go of your own useless pride and to submit and humbly ask God to take lead in our life. But honestly, who would hesitate in submitting to a GLORIOUS God who loves us, cherishes us, and has a wonderful plan for us. It is not that he just simply gave up his son. But because he LOVES us SO MUCH, he gave us his son. That is how much he loves us!

In Ephesians, in Corinthians, actually in the whole Bible, God tells us to be imitators of him. To WALK like him, to show GRACE like him, to LOVE like him, to BE like him. He called us to be like him and he expects us to be do even greater things than he did. 

He gave us this privilege to PRAY. Praying is simply talking to God. Everyone knows that. Even the non-believers. It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE that we take for granted. Are you living a comfortable life right now? A life that is easy and painless where God can be placed into your life whenever you need him? We live in a society that caters to our laziness. We want more of “SIMPLE&FASTER”. Classical hedonism instead of Christianity. When God is constantly tapping on your shoulder, he is hurting to see you choose this toilet water of a world when there is living water that is springing in him. See we go through this step of only calling to God when things start to break apart. We call to God when we are at the bottom, looking for a way to get back up to the same old comfort zone, taking advantage of his grace and mercy for that period of time and then turning your back to him. I am in no way judging you for I am guilty of this myself.

Prayer is a powerful thing. Seriously, count your blessings and answered prayers. Look at the power and WONDERS of God and all that he has done for you. His grace and love just overflows everyday for us. Give thanks to him for this ability to communicate with a LIVING God. And wow, PRAYER WORKS. God listens to you, ever your murmurs. He sees you and wants to give you the best.

As you live and journey on as a Christian, as you read your Bible and read what God has commanded you, are you just going to memorize it and thats the end of it? You see, I feel that as we talk more about the things written in the Bible and not act it out, we tend to get so egotistical, judging others who commit fault and sin, telling ourselves that we are better than them. Where is the LOVE and HUMILITY in man today?! Don’t just sit there and judge, be the help, BE THE LOVE to them. PRAY for them. 

Prayer is said to be the greatest gift that man can attest of to another. And more times in the Bible does it talk about the lost and the blind souls than anything else. God commands you to go out and serve, to make disciples, to bring Glory to his name that DESERVES all praise! In your communities, in your city, in your state, in your nation, in your country.

Every morning I wake up, I wonder why I have breath, why I am not dead. God has the power to take any life in an instant. He is that powerful. But I being to wonder and be so AMAZED at the fact that every breath that I breathe, every minute I am willed to be alive is for a purpose: to do his work. Don’t Waste Your Life! There is a reason why you are alive, why your heart is pumping, why you are reading this entry: it’s for HIS GLORY. Theres no TIME to slack off! Theres no TIME TO WASTE because it is HIS TIME RIGHT NOW.

So I ask again, where are the people who pray? The men, the women, the brothers, the sisters, the fathers, the mothers, the soldiers, the Christians?

This world that we are living in is now decaying and we, as SALT&LIGHT of this world, will be the people who fight this fight on OUR KNEES to PRESERVE AND SHINE this world from the darkness. A billion is a statistic until you meet one. Until you meet one who is a victim of sex trafficking, of slavery, rape, abuse, death, plagues, a billion is a statistic. It is UNACCEPTABLE for this these hurts to be inflicted to ANYONE. 

Get on your knees and PRAY. Get on your knees and FIGHT. God hears our prayers and because God is a God who answers, he will hear your cries. 

It’s that simple.

When is the last time you rejoiced because your name was in the Book of Life?



Excuses is a skin of reason stuffed with lies.

—Nick Vujicic