my story ain't the story i'm trynna tell.

Lets wait to see what Faith can do

Does it have to be Mother’s Day to tell her that you LOVE her? 

la jolla shores setting.

la jolla shores setting.

A follower of Christ is not supposed to compare themselves to the worlds standard, but God’s standard. Find success in God not in compromise.


I realized that I’ve been so caught up with trying to avoid sin as a way of declaring my holiness when all along, God called me to be more like JESUS as a way of defining my holiness. #identityinCHRIST

it is finished.

it is finished.

The fruit on a tree is not what gives the tree life, but it does indicate the tree is living. Does your life have fruit?

"Are you gonna come in?"


Love is a color that

the blind can see

the deaf can hear

the mute can speak.

Love is a color that 

paints this world black, white, yellow, red, and brown.

Love is a color that 

flushes my heart red,

Red, like the blood spilled by Jesus.

A professing Christian who ignores God’s call to be a part of church is ignoring one of the main ways God grows us. We need each other